Want regular posy deliveries?
Always forget to order or feel like you miss out each week?
Subscribe to a Miss Popsy posy every week, fortnight or month  and save!

Regular: $32/posy
Double: $55/posy

All posy subscriptions are delivered each Friday, starting the  following Friday from when you signed up! If you are away or need me to place a hold on your subscription just send an email to and I’ll will stop deliveries and charges for that time.

Need to cancel your subscription? You can do so at any stage by sending me an email via to request this.



By purchasing a Miss Popsy posy, you are supporting a local, small business in the Lockyer Valley. All posies are created using flowers sourced from local growers (where possible), wrapped in brown paper and hessian twine with a Miss Popsy tag attached. Once your posy has arrived and is unwrapped, you can rip up the brown paper and add it to your compost or dispose of into the recycling bin along with the twine and tag. At Miss Popsy, I value sustainable and recyclable/biodegradable products and supporting local businesses. If you ever have any concerns or questions regarding the supply chain, business or products please contact me via the Contact Form or email me directly at and I’d be happy to assist.

  • Looking after your flowers
    – Once your posy arrives, unwrap it and snip 1cm off the bottoms of each stem.
    – Put posy into a vase of fresh water.
    – Replace water and snip stems daily for long lasting flowers.